Hello, Welcome to Rollbag

I started the concept of Rollabag after recovering from a sport injury on my knee. When I returned to work I discovered the discomfort of getting through airport terminals and returning to my daily commute. I explored many mobility options. Larger mobility scooters were expensive and too large for practical travel. In 2016 I came across some of the latest innovations merging mobility technology into common suitcases. The idea of being able to use my suitcase for more than just storage really inspired me. I quickly bought and tested several electric scooter suitcase and took them through the airport parking, terminal and few other places along my trip. Not only did it save my knee from pain, I was able to go anywhere I needed assistance. Today Rollabag is dedicated to giving our customers mobility options and enjoyable travel experiences with the latest in modern technology.

Our Mission:
“To enable people to embrace the enjoyment of travel anywhere. We supply our customers with new innovative products for travel that add quality comfort and style for anyone in search of modern technical integrations to suit their travel needs.”