Shipping FAQs

  • What countries do you ship to?

    We currently ship to the UK and Western Europe.

  • Is Shipping Free on all Products?

    We do like to offer free shipping whenever possible however, depending on your location there may be additional cost. Some countries or locations may need to pay a small additional cost for shipping. You can easily view shipping cost during your checkout.

  • What happens if my product was delivered damaged?

    We do our best to provide safe packaging however sometimes damage can occur during delivery. In the event a product was delivered damaged, please contact us immediately for a return form. Returns forms must be filled out and returned to us within 30 days. The return form will provide a return address and return shipping cost will not be charged to you.

  • Do you do special delivery or ship to remote locations?

    If you require special delivery or live in a remote location please contact customer service for assistance.

Warranty FAQs

  • What do I do if there is a problem with my product after 14 days?

    Please carefully check in your products packaging for the manufacturer's warranty and save this document with your sales receipt. If you should experience a defect after the 14 day return period, please contact us we will be happy to assist you with your warranty or you may contact the manufacturer directly. As long as you have a receipt of purchase and your warranty card, you will be covered under the manufacturer's 2 year warranty period.

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Other Questions

  • Are scooter suitcases approved for carry on?

    Yes, scooter suitcases and backpacks specified as carry on luggage are approved by most major airlines. Since all airlines create their own rules, it is a good idea to read your airlines baggage regulations before departure. Remove all batteries before security check-in and place them in your carry on.

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  • Can I travel on public transport with lithium batteries?

    Yes, most public transport including trains will allow compact lithium batteries. However airlines only approve the smaller battery size of 100 watts or less. Please carefully check your airline regulations for details before departure. For more information please read our article on "Are Lithium Ion Batteries Allowed on Planes?"

  • Regulations for flying with Lithium batteries